Saturday, January 8, 2011

Shadowland Review

Writer: Andy Diggle
Pencils: Billy Tan
Inks: Batt
Colors: Christina Strain
Letters: Joe Caramagna
Cover: John Cassaday & Laura Martin
Variant Cover: Tan, Batt, & Strain
Assistant Editor: Tom Brennan
Editor: Stephen Wacker
Editor In Chief: Joe Quesada
Publisher: Dan Buckley
Executive Producer: Alan Fine

Let me start by saying, I don't typically read Marvel. Therefore, some of the events in this book may not shock me as they probably should. However, I picked up this book with the advice of my comic shop and quickly realized that it's one of Marvel's 1000 limited series they put out every week. I feel bad for other new people trying to get into Marvel because god knows where to start. Mini event and mini series with a few actual books thrown in. Jesus Chris! Anyways, New York City, Hell's Kitchen... Daredevil took over "The Hand" (to those of you unfamiliar, it's apparently the criminal organization Daredevil was trying to take down) and attempted to do good deeds with it, but went insane. This became painstakingly clear when Matt Murdock kills Bullseye on top of the Hand's headquarters. The heroes (very few of which I recognized) came to confront the dark Daredevil but he took offense and tried killing them with ninjas that he knew were worthless (he made mention of this several times throughout the six issues), After a while of fighting (and Spiderman and Wolverine getting involved) he decides to resurrect Bullseye just as Kingpin possesses Ghost Rider. Elektra stops Matt from the resurrection of Bullseye and the other heroes try to talk sense into him while he battles for control of his head where we are then introduced to the new villain... The BEAST! (seriously). I wish there was more to this story for me to tell you about. Sadly, there isn't. With that said, I actually really enjoyed the story. I don't quite understand why Marvel couldn't keep the story in the Daredevil book itself, but whatever. I'm not too sure where the story leads after this. All I know is, after Shadowland, Black Panther is given the role of protecting Hell's Kitchen as "The Man Without Fear." I'd suggest checking it out on the sole basis that Ghost Rider was never interesting to me before this story. 
Until next time, I've got a LOT of catching up to do. Keep reading, let me know what's good. I'm ComicBookGuyMark87, this is my blog, and you don't have to hit the X but there ain't nothin' new here.

Thursday, December 30, 2010

Punisher: In The Blood #1-2 (of 5)

Taking place (apparently) after the events of Frakencastle (which was never referenced) Frank Castle takes a shot at  Norman Osborn and ends up getting sent to Prison. Frank also replaced his old Friend, Microchip (now recently resurrected), with a young kid named Henry, After this initial page of explanation, the comic kicks in full force with Frank Castle killing three skin heads to interrogate the man they were beating. Planting a bomb in the prison, calling in a bomb threat to the prison telling the warden he only has enough time to evacuate the guards, Frank then tells the man that he can die by the bomb or from the broom that he had killed the nazis with... His choice. Frank wanted to find Microchip and the rest of the Hood. The man tells Frank that he doesn't know where the Hood is, but Microchip has a base set up under the man's old HQ. Frank then shoots the man telling him that half an answer gives him half the pain as he leaves the prison and hops on a motorcycle with an extremely ridiculous Punisher logo windshield. The book then cuts to Microchip, drunk, talking to a dead SHIELD agent who he claims to have shot. A news report catches him off guard reporting that Frank Castle had blown up the prison he was in. After the report, a man walks in behind Microchip, tells him he must be terrified, then pistol whips him. Back to Punisher who's back at HQ where we meet Henry, and it's his birthday. His mom sent him some presents and a letter telling him that she sobered up and Henry decides he's going to move back and help her out. Frank tells Henry that he doesn't get sick leave, it's full time, all the time, or he can piss off. Henry leaves. He goes back home to discover that his dad, Jigsaw is back in town, and he's got a plan to bring Frank down. He leads Henry to believe that Frank is coming after all of his old sidekicks. Frank also goes hand to hand with a woman dressed in what looks like leather ninja attire. She ends up getting away. 
Issue two starts with Jigsaw revealing that he's working with one of Frank's other ex-sidekicks, Stuart. After some dialogue, the brainwashing of Henry begins. He now believes that Frank is coming to kill him. Frank is now shown going crazy and killing everyone trying to get a lead on the Hood without a partner. Henry leaving is obviously bothering him. After a few killings, he ends up in a club and gets the aid of a very fat woman who claims to know something about something. Scene then goes to Jigsaw taking Henry to his pent house while Stuart plays clips of Punisher's recent kills, and tells Henry that Frank's out looking for him. Microchip is now shown chained up in a room with no windows while looking at a picture of his dead son. His son had, apparently, been resurrected just so Frank could set him on fire and kill him again. He then hints that he wishes his family and Frank's family could be resurrected and this whole thing could end. Just then, Stuart opens the door to bring Microchip a sandwich and to tell him that Frank's looking hard to find him and kill him. Stuart and Microchip then go into a conversation about the differences between the two of them as Frank's sidekick as Stuart eats Micro's sandwich. The end of the scene shows Microchip licking the tray clean. Frank is now shown in a strip club with a gun pointed at Venom. Oh wait, after hitting him in the head, the mirage ends and it's revealed to be Mirage. Just as Frank is about to get answers, the leather clad ninja woman appears and kills Mirage. Frank goes after her and pulls his gun. She then dares him to shoot and leaves. Frank then reveals the woman to be his dead wife. End.

This is my first time experiencing a decent Punisher story outside of the MAX universe. I knew nothing about the characters but was able to hop on pretty quick. The end of issue two really threw me through a loop. I especially loved the love for the Dead Kennedys and 7 Seconds. I'm extremely curious to see where this book goes next. 
In the meantime, I still have a LOT of books left to review and all that noise. I'm ComicBookGuyMark87, and I'll see you next time some mother &^@$3*$ are getting killed!

Sunday, December 26, 2010


My computer's been down for a while now and I haven't had time to do reviews anyways. I'll pick it up this week. I have a LOT of reviewing to do. Stay tuned!

Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Red Robin #17 Review.

Writer: Fabian Nicieza
Pencils: Marcus To
Ink: Ray McCarthy
Color: Guy Major
Letters: Sal Cipriano
Editor: Sean Ryan
Batman Group Editor: Michael Marts
*Clears throat*.

Ok, now that that has been said... Cassandra Cain's shown battling a gang in Hong Kong before Tim sneaks up on her in the shadows and offers her a Batgirl suit. Tim also asks her if she has any information about Lynx being an undercover cop. Cass informs him that she discovered there are undercover Hung Kong police in the gangs, but she couldn't get any names. Tim springs Lynx out of the INS bus. Tim also buys a place for his Neon Knights program and checks off the "find a place to live" option from his list. After making out with Lynx, Bruce shows up and tells Tim that he's sorry he wasn't able to do it earlier, and gives Tim a hug with a "nice to see you." Tim then checks off his "Find who to do it with" option from his list.

This is one of the best issues of this series and ties in PERFECTLY to Batman Inc. If Fabian were to take over that title, I'd pick it up INSTANTLY. A LOT happened in this issue. It was a lot of fun. Tim is becoming one of the best comic characters of all time and I'm loving watching it. PICK UP THIS ISSUE NOW!!

Until next time, I'm ComicBookGuyMark87, this is my blog, this is one of my favorite books, and I'll see you ON MY BIRTHDAY!!! to review Azrael! Pick it up so we can discuss!

Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Superboy #1 review

Writer: Jeff Lemire
Artist: Pier Gallo
Colorist: Jamie Grant
Letter: John J. Hill
Cover: Rafael Albuquerque
Editor: Matt Idelson
Asst. Editor: Wil Moss

The story here starts in Smallville with Conner Kent (AKA: Superboy) sitting on a water tower playing with Krypto (the SUPERDOG!) when Phantom Stranger shows up and informs Conner that his actions will lead to someone close to him dying if he doesn't make the right choices. He was then told to go home where he was needed. He races home to save "Ma" from getting injured from falling from watering her plants. The real twist to the story came when Conner's friend, Simon Valentine, informs Conner that he knows Conner is Superboy. Before Conner can question him, he's attacked by an unnamed villain whose powers include being able to steal power from Superboy. The battle was basically Conner getting his power stolen from him and only having the strength to use his telekinesis to create a giant monster of his own from the leaves flying around. He defeats the creature and is quickly caught in the plant life. Poison Ivy then comes out of nowhere and says she's too late to save Smallville. End of issue.
This was actually a really fun issue, and I wish they'd put two out already. This should be a bimonthly thing as I could see it becoming one of DC's flagship titles. It's fun, it's upbeat, and it has Krypto The Superdog! Conner is one of the more interesting heroes of the Teen Titans, only being upstaged by Tim Drake. This issue is highly suggested by me. Grab it!

Thursday, October 28, 2010

Green Arrow #5 And Teen Titans #88 Reviews

Writer: J.T. Krul
Pencils: Diogenes Neves
Inks: Vicente Cifuentes
Colors: Ulises Arreola
Letters: Rob Leigh
Cover: Mauro Cascioli
Editor: Adam Schlagman

The Story is a simple one. Starting with a very detailed battle that we left off on in issue #4. A casualty is the result of the battle as Ollie tries to save the man's life by dipping him in the lake that he was placed in when he died. This didn't work and a group of zombies, one notable being Ollie's dad, come racing to the forest to kill Ollie and Galahad. The issue is mostly how Ollie reacts when face to face with his dead father telling him what a failure he is. It was a damn good issue, and got even more interesting when the White Lantern tree in the forest lights up and Ollie uses the wood from the tree to shoot the zombies. Highly recommended one shot story, Little backstory is needed to enjoy this one, and that's the way I like it. 

Writer: J.T. Krul
Pencils: Nicola Scott
Ink: Doug Hazlewood
Colors: Jason Wright
Letters: Sal Cipriano
Editor: Rachel Gluckstern
Cover: Scott & Hazlewood with Wright

Lets be honest: The Teen Titans have SUCKED the last couple of years. In comes J.T. Krul to take on the task no other creative team has wanted to do. And he. Kicks. Ass. Zombies are taking over the streets of San Fransisco and Ravager, Wondergirl, Beast Boy, Kid Flash, and Superboy are out on patrol taking them down. This is basically set up to show who the team is, and to start the new arc of this book. A student is talked into an experiment by his teacher, the guy who created the zombies to begin with, and Cass questions her ability to lead the Titans, and knows that she'll never be Dick Grayson or Tim Drake. The climax of the story comes when the alarm is tripped, everyone comes running down claiming an intruder entered to stand in front of Batman (Dick Grayson, formerly Nightwing, Robin, and founder of the Teen Titans) with Damian (Bruce's son, current Robin) where Dick makes the comment that he's not an intruder, and that Damian would be joining them. This is the best Titans story I read since the first trade. I HIGHLY recommend it, and J.T. Krul is quickly becoming one of my favorite writers. If you dropped Teen Titans, pick it up again. This is shaping up to be DC's best team book. 

I still got lots of books to read/review/discuss. So, Until next time, I'm ComicBookGuyMark87, this is my blog, I'll be back soon with a review of some of the new books I got, and I need to finish my reviews of the trades I currently have.

Review: Return Of Bruce Wayne: The Road Home

Each issue here is meant to tie the respected character into the Batman Inc storyline. The best issues of these are the ones with characters I know VERY little about. Batgirl, The Outsiders, and Oracle make up the best issues. I grabbed them all to get the complete story. The story basically follows Vicki Vales attempts of outing the Wayne family while Bruce follows up on them to see how they coped with his "death." As the story progresses, Catwoman discovers that Vicki has also discovered the identity of the Gotham criminal underworld. Bruce has his supersuit, which gives him the power of all the JLA heroes, to keep him alive without giving away his identity. This is really as deep as the story gets. The end involves Bruce revealing his identity to Vicki and apologizing for not being able to share his secret with her. She then burns all the proof she had against the Wayne family and tells Bruce she needs to leave Gotham. Overall, the story was a decent one, and the Outsiders issue was one of my favorites, with Ras being the single best. I was EXTREMELY disappointed with the Red Robin issue. Batgirl, however, was a decent introduction to someone who hadn't read her solo series yet. For those interested in this book, I say hold off until the trade. They were good, but not good enough to pay $3 an issue.

Until next time (which should be soon) I'm ComicBookGuyMark87, and this is my blog!

Wednesday, October 27, 2010


Sorry for the lack of updates guys. The real world got in the way. Books I picked up that might get reviewed soon:

Punisher (MAX): Slavers
DC Halloween Special 2010
Green Arrow #5
Incognito #1
Bruce Wayne: The Road Home: Batman & Robin; Red Robin; Batgirl; Outsiders; Catwoman; Ras Al Guhl; Oracle
Batgirl #1
Zatana #6
Teen Titans #88

So, what'd you get? What'd you think about what you got? Let me know!