Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Green Arrow

Ok, so I was at my comic shop two or three weeks ago looking for a decent one shot to read. After discovering that the art form of the one shot was dead, I decided to try a title that had just started. One I had enjoyed reading about when he teamed up with Green Lantern, but I never had the urge to read before. Green Arrow was the book, and at the time, it was only on issue #3. I grabbed the first two (the third shipment had been destroyed in transit) and went home, expecting nothing.

All said and done, I read the first two issues and couldn't wait to get issues 3 and 4. I went up today, grabbed them, then added him to my pull. Ollie is a very interesting character. Now, I'm not reading Brightest Day (waiting for them to come out in trade) but I do have a general idea of what's going on.. And I love it.

The story starts with Oliver Queen (Green Arrow) in a mystical forest that grew (overnight) on top of a city that had been destroyed (Star City- Ollie's hometown). Ollie decides he's going to live in the forest as the city has found out that he is Green Arrow and he's the only one who can manage to navigate the forest. A new character emerges and takes over Queen Enterprise after Ollie had, apparently, sold it off. Her first order of business is to create her own storm troopers to patrol the city.

Ollie had saved a girl who was running from some thugs when she ran into his forest. He defeated the thugs and got a nice "thank you" note in the form of an arrow being shot through his head. He was lucky, however, when a knight by the name of Galahad found his body and returned him to the lake in the center of the forest which healed the arrow wound. Galahad explained that it was only natural that a forest that was sprung to life over death could heal a life threatening wound. He then explained to Ollie that he discovered one thing as a knight... That his worst enemy was himself. I have a feeling this will play a bigger role in the coming issues.

Anyways, the woman who bought Queen Enterprise was revealed to be an old lover of Robert Queen (I'm assuming Ollie's dad?) and it went into her back story (very briefly) where she explained that she deserved Queen Enterprise. Down below Queen Tower however, the people of Star City have started a riot between Storm Troopers and citizens. Green Arrow comes in and quickly takes control, saves the city, then goes to a rooftop to meet with who I'm assuming is someone who works with the police and gives him intel. He tells Ollie about a murder that had taken place and gives off a phrase that triggers a memory and Ollie finds out who the killer is. A disguise artist only known as "Mary." She had masks and wigs seen throughout the series to date in her room right as Ollie busted in.

This is where I'm at now. Hopefully you've been reading. If not, where have you been? Grab it now! This book proves that JT Krul can write!

Until next time comic fans, I'm ComicBookGuyMark87!

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