Friday, October 8, 2010

My Take On: DC Prices Drop

Sorry about the late news guys, been working a little bit. Anyways, DC Comics announced the other day that they will be dropping the price of a standard comic book from the $3.99 price that they implemented when Marvel raised their prices in an attempt to boost revenue. DC will also be dropping the page count from 22 story pages to 20. Also, books that were $2.99 will remain at $2.99 and go down to 20 pages. Marvel announced shortly after that they would be lowering their prices also, but made it sound like it would only apply to new books. The books they have at $3.99 will remain at $3.99 until I hear otherwise.

My take on this: This is great news. It means you, the consumer, will buy more books. While sales raise, DC can then charge more from the advertisments and even get some new endorsements. Hopefully Marvel follows suit and we get a competitive industry again. In the mean time, if you're currently a comic fan, go out and buy some more books to show some support. If you're not a comic fan, now is the time to hop on it!

Until next time, that's my take! Catch you next time - ComicBookGuyMark87.

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