Thursday, October 28, 2010

Review: Return Of Bruce Wayne: The Road Home

Each issue here is meant to tie the respected character into the Batman Inc storyline. The best issues of these are the ones with characters I know VERY little about. Batgirl, The Outsiders, and Oracle make up the best issues. I grabbed them all to get the complete story. The story basically follows Vicki Vales attempts of outing the Wayne family while Bruce follows up on them to see how they coped with his "death." As the story progresses, Catwoman discovers that Vicki has also discovered the identity of the Gotham criminal underworld. Bruce has his supersuit, which gives him the power of all the JLA heroes, to keep him alive without giving away his identity. This is really as deep as the story gets. The end involves Bruce revealing his identity to Vicki and apologizing for not being able to share his secret with her. She then burns all the proof she had against the Wayne family and tells Bruce she needs to leave Gotham. Overall, the story was a decent one, and the Outsiders issue was one of my favorites, with Ras being the single best. I was EXTREMELY disappointed with the Red Robin issue. Batgirl, however, was a decent introduction to someone who hadn't read her solo series yet. For those interested in this book, I say hold off until the trade. They were good, but not good enough to pay $3 an issue.

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